The CE Impact


The Power of Sharing…

Each day we hear from our customers how the knowledge gained from continuing education events and products positively impacts client outcomes and improves healthcare. These experiences are totally inspiring, and they continually motivate us to seek out the latest in treatment innovations and advances to share with you.

We know that these experiences will also empower other professionals!  Read about some amazing outcomes below, and then share your CE experience!

I attended EMDR Training in Bloomington, MN. I work in a therapeutic half-way house for Native Americans and we desperately needed another resource to help our clients. Most everyone that comes through the house for alcoholism and/or drug addiction is touched by trauma in one form or another, and EMDR gives us a great tool to help them recover. I feel very comfortable using it and I appreciate being able to receive the guidance from the instructor; it was a quality presentation. My clients and I wholeheartedly thank you!!

-Nathan W., Barron, WI

My coworker and myself are both Social Workers at University of Pennsylvania in a program that addresses needs of patients after having a heart attack. The two seminars we have attended focused on grief and suicide. They were both excellent and highly enjoyable despite the topic often being a difficult one to discuss. Both of these seminars were highly effective in increasing our skills and competence in the field. We both feel like we walked away with a better understanding and very helpful and practical information to directly incorporate into our work. We have taken this information and have shared it with patients, staff we are training and have used it to create improvements to our program. We both feel that PESI seminars offer a higher level of quality training in comparison to other trainings we have attended and feel we can trust to attend only PESI seminars in the future so we know we will walk away happy with the knowledge and the experience.

-Alicia, Newton, MA

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness program featuring Donald Altman
As a psychologist working in a juvenile hall setting, incorporating mindfulness with CBT interventions has really made a difference. Focusing journal entries onto gratitude has shifted many teens’ from a negative perspective to a more positive one. Just yesterday, a 15yo teen had a “good” cry when reading aloud from her journal. Although she wrote about her trauma, she focused on her gratitude in being alive, being resilient, and having people in her life who care. Thank you PESI for providing quality speakers and education on current trends and treatment that work.

-Suzanne, San Diego, CA

I attended the Effective Interventions for Autism Spectrum Meltdowns seminar, with presenter Deborah Lipsky. I learned general identification items that are characteristic of an Autistic individual, and the difference between a “Meltdown” and a “Tantrum”, along with strategies on how to approach each situation. I am a high school assistant principal, and we have two programs in our building for students who are Autistic. Whenever those students become upset and act out, I am called to try and work with the student to resolve their issues. The information that I learned from Deborah will be used in those situations when I am working with students who are in a “Meltdown” or “Tantrum” mode. The entire seminar day was an outstanding professional learning experience for me.

-Stephen, Illinois

Share your CE experience!

36 thoughts on “The CE Impact”

  1. So many different techniques and strategies that I have been implementing in my facility have showed great results! Firstly, proper techniques for flushing and debriding wounds. Secondly- leaving post-op dressings on for a minimum of three days after discharge. Thirdly, off loading technique Kim Saunders described and demonstrated pressure areas on back. Thank you!


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