It’s a Celebration!!

Thanks again to everyone who took time to share continuing education ideas with us!  We’re super excited about the opportunities that are in the works as we look ahead to the future.

Today, though, we want to celebrate the last 35 years with some special anniversary giveaways and offers!  We’ve awarded over $5,000 in CE prizes to 35 randomly selected customers who shared a comment with us on our recent posts.  View the entire list below — congratulations and enjoy!

But, the celebration doesn’t end there!  We also want to extend a special offer to all our customers to thank you for your loyalty.

Enjoy $35 off a new live CE seminar registration, 35% off a new webcast registration, or 35% off PLUS free shipping on a product order – just use code PESI35 at checkout (offer expires September 9).

Visit PESI’s websites to peruse upcoming seminars and products to find an educational offering right for you:

> PESI Behavioral Health
>PESI Nursing & HealthCare>PESI Rehab


Here’s to another 35 years!

Mike Olson, MS, MBA
VP of Sales and Marketing


35th Anniversary Prize Winners (notified via individual email):

Rhonda L. Live Seminar
Barbara M. Live Seminar
Elizabeth P. Live Seminar
Pam J. Live Seminar
Debra Z. Live Seminar
Brad C. Live Seminar
Marty W. Live Seminar
Dorothy C. Live Video Webcast
Angeline M. Live Video Webcast
Robin C. Live Video Webcast
Janice W. Live Video Webcast
Ed A. Live Video Webcast
Nicolene C. Live Video Webcast
Jennie R. Live Video Webcast
Diane S. PESI Published Book
Brenda D. PESI Published Book
Susan T. PESI Published Book
Kim L. PESI Published Book
Casadi M. PESI Published Book
Janet F. PESI Published Book
Ann E. PESI Published Book
Betsy T. Seminar on CD
Lori B. Seminar on CD
Valerie C. Seminar on CD
Tanya H. Seminar on CD
Sue R. Seminar on CD
Donna M. Seminar on CD
Christine W. Seminar on CD
Margaret H. Seminar Video on DVD
Celia C. Seminar Video on DVD
Dana D. Seminar Video on DVD
Thomas C. Seminar Video on DVD
Susan J. Seminar Video on DVD
Saori M. Seminar Video on DVD
Peter W. Seminar Video on DVD

Author: PESIinc

We work with leading experts to create seminars, conferences, videos & books for adult learners. Learn more:

27 thoughts on “It’s a Celebration!!”

  1. If it really is me as one of the winners, I am like Lorraine…no time to check my email everyday, or if i do check, its reading ones that seem to be of importance. So, I too missed the deadline………


    1. I sent in a little video but like u ifi had been chosen I would have missed it. But to in listening to the comments on the winners, I feel I missed details. I said why and what I like about Pesi and others wanted more! Can’t win ! Still live Pesi choices.


  2. I do not have the opportunity to check my gmail every day so I missed the opportunity to share in the celebration by having a discount. I am too busy with work since it is back to school so there’s no time for watching webinars that are not directly from work.


  3. I wish the cost of the live seminars could go down. For those who earn low salaries it means going to less of them, not even one a year. Could there be a reduced rate offered for clinicians who have retired but still have an interest in learning? I still maintain my LCSW even though I retired three years ago. It is getting harder and harder to find conferees I can afford, especially clinical ones.


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